Beneath the surface

I've been gathering my creative thoughts lately..

It's even been a week or so since I picked up the camera. Being creative is a very dynamic job, and I enjoy all parts, there's a great synergy between the action of taking a photograph out in the field then coming back to process it. I enjoy both parts of the development process immensely, going out to find imagery is really exciting. It's an adventure & I get to visit some incredible places.

I also love the editing process. This is where I get to play around and paint with the images. re-create the feeling of a place as it was experienced. I also get to listen to great music and pod casts.

Whilst listening to some really inspiring stories today a thought came to mind. 

The loudest arguments happen in your own head and your greatest opponent is indeed yourself. It's quite common to blame external pressures for stopping our own progress towards the things we're most passionate about, but the truth is we're probably just scared of how awesome we can actually be.  

Dig your nails in and scratch beneath the surface a little...


Joe Michael_tasman seascape.jpg