Tūrama festival is on in Auckland this week. I’ve created a work called HŌPARA which leads the viewer on a journey through New Zealand’s ancient Kauri forest. A fun dual screen work that allows me to explore some of the point cloud imagery I’ve captured as part of Raised Up Sky. photo credit: Max Burgess


Back to where we came from...

Through my artwork I am interested in exploring how technology is shaping modern environmental philosophy. I believe that the juxtaposition of urban environments with the wonders of vast and remote landscapes creates a strong feeling of connection to the natural world.

Having spent the best part of the last 5 or 6 years working on Antarctica, I have finally planted the seeds of a new installation which will tell the wonders of lush green forested areas of the planet. The first step of this journey takes me home to the south pacific island of New Zealand.

Looking forward to experimentation with new technologies and old!


Voice of the Iceberg

In a March 2017 we're projecting our first urban Iceberg onto the Auckland War Memorial Museum, one of New Zealand's finest buildings. Its been a long journey. From conception to execution, its taken over 4 years. One of the most exciting parts of the trip was recording the unique sounds of the environment down in Antarctica. If you click on the image below it'll take you to a four part podcast series which gives a little insight into our adventure. Many thanks to Alison and the team at Radio New Zealand for putting this together. Check it out on Spotify or iTunes. Enjoy! 


If you happen to be in Bogota, New York, Moscow, Mexico City or Saint-Petersburg over the next few months check out CYFEST. A short film work on the colossal Iceberg "Lincoln" in the photo below is screening as part of the festival.  

Rio nights

Rio de Janeiro - a city of contrasts! Exciting, colourful, heartbreaking and wild. Its one of the most interesting places I've had the pleasure of visiting (and living for the past few months). Over the past few years I've developed a strong love for anything philosophical and the Brazilian culture is jammed packed.

~ Stamps ~

I used to collect stamps as a kid, my great aunt had a huge collection that she gifted me. Little did I know a few years later i'd have some stamps of my own, Mother was pretty excited to see them too. Available at post shops in New Zealand till 2017. If you don't have the pleasure of being in New Zealand this year and would really like to see them, send me an email here and I'll send you a postcard.