Waipoua - Scan data previews: May 2019

Please note: In terms of coloration - (with reference to all of the point could imagery below) we can apply various effects to show elevation or highlight specific elements within the forest. They are just for artistic / ease of view reference do not represent any scientific findings.


Location : Four Sisters

Four sisters: AERial - top down views

Four sisters: Trees - isolated view

Enables us to see specific trees and a thin cross section of the canopy.

Dead tree scan

FOUR sisters: Tree Section / slice View

By taking a thin section of the imagery we can strip away the forest canopy and show the size of trees and other information.


LOCATION : Tane Mauta


TANE - rotation

By rotating Tane Mahuta in a 3D space we can see how much data of the total tree is captured and what is required to capture the back side and top foliage.