Voice of the iceberg - Podcast Series


In this four-part audio adventure, a team of film-makers set out to record the unique character and sounds of icebergs in Antarctica.



Episode 1 : Discovery


Artist Joseph Michael and a team of eight film-makers head to Antarctica on a yacht, to discover and record the sights and sounds of icebergs. But before they reach the frozen continent and encounter their first bergs they must face the challenge of the notorious Drake Passage.


Episode 2 : Revelation


A small iceberg that fizzes and crackles like a soda drink. The dramatic demise of a soaring ice arch. The varied sights and sounds of Antarctic icebergs begin to reveal themselves to a watching team of film-makers.


Episode 3 : Adventure


Encounters with blue ice and wildlife prove to be life-changing adventures, when photographer Joseph Michael and his companions venture into the crevasse field of a giant glacier, to capture the blue heart of an Antarctic iceberg.


Episode 4 : Endeavour


Joseph Michael and his film-making companions come face-to-face with the heaving splendour of giant icebergs in the waters around the Antarctic Peninsula. Back in New Zealand, they grapple with how to map an iceberg onto the exterior of the Auckland War Memorial Museum and how to create a soundscape that blends music with the voices of the icebergs.