Ki Pio Pio Tahi - Gertrude Saddle

Ki Pio Pio Tahi - Gertrude Saddle
to catch the sun (2013)

This is an artwork from the exhibition "dark cloud / white light"

Each work in this series is a 24 hour (holy grail time-lapse) recorded in 8K resolution, which seamlessly loops from day to night. In the Exhibition setting, each sequence loops seamlessly and continuously.

1080p  HD video (extract from 8K 36mp Raw)
Colour, Stereo Sound, Dual Screen
Nikon D800 + 14mm f/2.8 ED
Music : Pio Pio Tahi
Written by Tristan Dingemans
Guitars performed by Tristan Dingemans
Violins performed by Alex Vaatstra
Recorded, mixed and produced by Timothy Greenslade

Collection of the Artist