Antarctica - while you were sleeping


Antarctica - while you were sleeping explores the intersection between humans and nature with projections of enormous icebergs onto prominent architecture in urban areas. Enabling the audience to experience the size and sound of a colossal life-size iceberg up close.

We live in an era in which human behaviour is the most dominant factor in shaping the environment, expanded megacities are largely erasing the nature on which they are built upon. To highlight this we place gigantic icebergs in the centre of important urban areas, empowering people with the awe and reverence with which we should be treating our environment.

“A truly awe-inspiring installation on a grand scale that gives a real sense of the majesty of Antarctica. Visitors hear the creak and crack as sections of ice carve away - all set to a dramatic sound score. It is a powerful experience.”

     Nigel Watson - Executive Director, Antarctic Heritage Trust.

The world premier of Antarctica - while you were sleeping saw over 20,000 visitors surround Auckland’s historic War Memorial Museum. A life-size iceberg was projected onto the entire exterior of the Auckland Museum (8,800 m2 surface area).

A podcast on the trip to Antarctica to record the characters and sounds of icebergs, winner of Best Creative Feature at 2018 NZ Radio Awards, can be accessed here.

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