Rio nights

Rio de Janeiro - a city of contrasts! Exciting, colourful, heartbreaking and wild. Its one of the most interesting places I've had the pleasure of visiting (and living for the past few months). Over the past few years I've developed a strong love for anything philosophical and the Brazilian culture is jammed packed with this.. Música .. Vitalidade .. Colorida .. Espírito .. 

~ Stamps ~

I used to collect stamps as a kid, my great aunt had a huge collection that she gifted me. Little did I know a few years later i'd have some stamps of my own, Mother was pretty excited to see them too. Available at post shops in New Zealand till 2017. If you don't have the pleasure of being in New Zealand this year and would really like to see them, send me an email here and I'll send you a postcard.

Antarctica - behind the scenes

Here's a short behind the scenes clip from our recent expedition to Antarctica... 

I travelled down there with a crew of local legends from NZ! 

RJ McNeill and Nick Walker (behind the scenes), Thomas Haleta and Jason Nicholls (Stills mapping / Aerials), Mark Michel (Sound Rec), Geoff Ross (Underwater), Nick Flyvberg (Grip / Safety) and Simon Godsiff (Cinematography).



The formidable Drake Passage and the Antarctic Peninsula have been my home for the past few weeks. It's hard to describe the experience... The immensity of the environment and the majestic nature of what my eyes were witnessing is hard to put into words. They seem meaningless and infinitesimal. One thing for sure is that this is an environment that humans feel totally out of place and out of context... and I like that.    

While you were sleeping...

The other night I went out and took a few photos while the rest of you were tucked up in bed. Sometimes I get so excited by the things that occur around us naturally, tiny water droplets suspended in the air, creating magical mist god rays from the street lights. Enjoy.