While you were sleeping...

The other night I went out and took a few photos while the rest of you were tucked up in bed. Sometimes I get so excited by the things that occur around us naturally, tiny water droplets suspended in the air, creating magical mist god rays from the street lights. Enjoy. Click on the image to see the full gallery.

+ Beijing Mystery +

Beijing, it's a place of contrasts and a unique beauty. Coming from the west it definitely is an interesting place to visit as many of the websites I frequently use to portray my work are not viewable, which makes life interesting. The people are amazing, such a rich culture with a vast and complicated history, the districts of 798 and Caochangdi provide some of the most incredible spaces I've ever seen to view art. The country is so huge! I'd like to ride my motorbike off into the mountains.. Click on the image for the gallery

+ Seoul Power +

Seoul is a powerhouse, feelings seem amplified here. You get a real sense of a nation going through rapid change and growth. There is real contrast to the city, in Cheonggyecheon huge skyscrapers are separated by a pristine creak that runs through the middle, a hidden oasis. Movement, Energy, Drive... Seoul Power

Joseph Michael Seoul

+ Tōkyo Dreāms +

It feels great to finally scratch the surface of this great nation. Tokyo pours with energy. In Shibuya up to 20,000 people cross the street in a single change of lights. Yet the people have an underlying spiritual calmness that I adore. Peace out Tokyo - I'll see you again soon. Click on the image for the gallery.

+ Singapore Nights +

Singapore is a city that lives and breathes lights. The days simmer away, in parts of the city the streets are empty, but as the sun sets and the lights come out, the city blooms. The food markets, malls and gardens are incredible. If I stayed here for longer I'd definitely become nocturnal... Click on the image for the gallery