Timelapse - Auckland City 


Kia Ora Kazuma-san,

I've created 4 versions of the civic "pan" shot. I have varied the speed of the pan and captured different lighting conditions as it gets darker. Let me know which one / ones you prefer and I can prioritise the post production and export. 

TECH SPECS: Original stills captured at 8K - exports will be full gate 4KUHD (3840 x 2563) ProRes444 24FPS (please let me know if any changes to this)

Civic pan #1




City bridge to night

Here is the shot from the bridge. Please note: I have shot this slightly wider than the reference frame to give room to crop or create a move in port production (all time-lapse are captured in 8K so there is quite a bit of room to crop) Please let me know desired output for this (i.e straight 4K of the current frame or crop to match the reference frame) 

Enjoy - hope the rest of the shoot going well... Joseph